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"cuddle butt pump" - the act of subconsciously thrusting your hips during spooning. It occurs in the small window of time between awake and sleep and usually involves the guy (the person about to perform CBP) spooning the girl (about to get thrusted upon) during a home movie or the like. It is typically a subtle act, and the girl usually rolls her eyes at the thought, while guys laugh at the prospect.
CBPing, CBPed, CBPs
And so, halfway through The Notebook, he started to CBP me and I knew he wasn't awake!
by Iceman2480 July 27, 2007

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a slang term for the male ejaculate used more commonly now that we have found out that there is the same amount of protein in an 8oz pork chop as there is in the average volume of male skeet.
-s, -ed, -ing
The pages were stuck together, so I asked my roommates, "who was bustin out porkchops to the new Maxim?"
by Iceman2480 August 05, 2007

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a form of female masturbation that takes place while she's driving her own car. effectively, she steers the wheel with her legs (which are propped up on the dashboard) thus leaving her hands free to wander...
...and so, on our way to H-town, we looked over and saw that she was masturbating! She was totally dashboarding it!
by Iceman2480 August 05, 2007

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