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It stands for Chill Black Guy. Term became famous thank to the popular hip-hop hit CBG by Jay Ughh & Young Hawaii Slim.
- did you see that CBG video on youtube?
- hell yeah!..."this is the life of a chill black's CBG CBG until we die!"
by aye!85 December 15, 2010
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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A Certified bucket getter is someone who not only is known for getting buckets on the court but also excels at everything in life including women
“Did you see Jake with that girl last night?”
“Yeah didn’t you know, he’s a cbg
by Atwellslaya April 22, 2019
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They're chill, staying blunted. They're brood, better than good. And they're girls. Two of them, oh my!
have you seen those cbgs, those chill brood girls, down in venice beach?
by swaggerstoops September 11, 2011
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Central Bellmore Gang; A group of spoiled white kids from Bellmore, NY. They believe they are real gangsters, and that they are tough shit, however if they acted the way they did in Uniondale, Roosevelt, or New York City, they would get shot in a matter of minutes. Most CBGs attend Bellmore JFK High School. But the word "attend" is a pretty false statement, as CBGs tend to cut class and smoke cigarettes on the school grounds during the day. On weekends, CBGs can be found loitering at the Merrick elementary schools Lakeside and Birch, where they smoke cigarettes and drink Four Loko. They also enjoy walking around the neighborhood aimlessly. CBGs have a history of crashing High School Parties. Nobody tells them to leave, because lets face it; Who enjoys a 10 on 1 fight? However their presence at these parties usually ends up with the police having to be called, ruining the party. The CBGs will act tough in the presence of others, threatening to "Fuck u up niggaaa," however if anybody actually stands up to them, they run away like little babies. Overall, the CBGs are a group of Wiggers who do nothing but make life difficult for other students at Kennedy, however they are actually spoiled babies.
JFK Student 1: Hey did you hear about that party last Friday?

JFK Student 2: Yeah, I heard the CBGs came and beat the shit out of the kid who was hosting. It was 10 on 1.

JFK Student 1: I know, they think they are tough shit but if it was 10 on 10 they would get fucked up.

JFK Student 2: Yep... well, I'm going to Lakeside to loiter.

JFK Student 3: Don't go there; the CBG kids are there smoking and drinking Four Lokos!
by Beats By Dre December 27, 2010
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Taylor Dix walks around school and you can tell she is a CBG.
by Bigkuntry186 February 08, 2008
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Stands Cum Bu GiaCam-pu-chia (Means Cambodian in Vietnamese). it is frequently used by Vietnamese people who have a grudge against Cambodians. Cambodians usually rage after hearing. Use with Caution
Vietnamese Guy: OMFG its a CBG.
Cambodian Guy:
....WANNA GO ??!!
by AlexOnly October 22, 2009
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