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An acronym meaning Counselors At The Student Activity Center (adapted in 2018 from its original name CAmp Texas SAC). More specifically, CATSAC is the art room on the second floor of the SAC which is home to many Camp Texas Counselors. During normal business hours, there is always one or more CT Counselor in CATSAC chatting, working on homework and/or criticizing any other unsuspecting student who happens to walk in.
Hey, wya? CATSAC is poppin
by CoChair November 26, 2018
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A heavy fever that causes hallucinations, mostly causing verbal quandary where one may find themselves referring to all objects and entities as "catsacs."
No relation to sac jones (the pseudonym of Tizz Richter)
Normal sentence: Grab me that water bottle.
Fever sentence: Grab me that catsac.
by Sac Jones July 06, 2011
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