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a wacky movie review sites that finds every movie evil.
What the heck is "suggestive eye movement supposed to mean anyway?
by the mad one February 28, 2004
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1. A really gay and misguided Christian "family" movie review site which rates movies based on their appropriatness usinge thir godly bible-based rating system. Very xenophobic and hateful, rudely judging both films and their creators. They have also made up a new rating: R-13! And let's not forget their infamous "Offense to God" rating category, where anything in the films relating to other religions (or any fantasy or folklore elements) are judged as sinful and inapproriate.
Jesus would not be amused by Capalert.
by Jules Carrozza June 20, 2003
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A website run by a deranged minister (sometimes referred to as the CapA-Loser) who rates movies with a system he claims is "infallible" but often turns out the wrong score based on the fact that he doesn't really pay attention to the films he rates.
No one died in Lilo & Stitch, so the CapAlert score on the page for that movie cannot possibly be correct.
by Nat Rator May 26, 2004
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A good place to find a bunch of christian fundamentalist/right-wing retards for fun and profit. Rumour says they also do film reviews. (and funny ones!)
Capalert craap-alert!
by Zhou Fang August 17, 2003
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