Living it up not giving a fuck- that CAMF parked his car in their kitchen.
by Grondona December 31, 2009
"Omg, did you see Deme's new shoes."
"He got them at Goodwill"
"Wow what a CAMF"
by Chennyman January 26, 2016
Crazy Ass Mother Fucker. One who is just plain crazy as hell. They will do whatever. They will have their cake and eat it too, and they will tell you to shove it. Because they are a crazy ass mother fucker.
Jerrald is one CAMF.

I thought he was a BAMF.
No he's a CAMF fo sho.
by JFOX12 November 15, 2010
An insult: cock-assed mother fucker
Mike and Shawn are such camfs.

Hitler had his struggle (Mein Kampf), I got my camf (point to Shawn)
by TomBeer January 9, 2007
CAMF: "These chicken feet I ate done gave me gas."

by THE OG CAMF November 11, 2011