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CADPAT - Canadian Disruptive Pattern
It is a digital camoflage pattern created and used by the Canadian Army. There is CADPAT-TW (Temperate Woodland), and CADPAT-AR (Arid Regions)

It has been adopted by the Marines and made into their own pattern, Marpat. The digital pattern works very well.
CADPAT breaks up the pattern in the bush, providing better camoflage.
by Brendan October 18, 2004
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The original digital camo, which was quickly ripped off by the americans...
Canadian : hey look at this! I made digital camo its hard to see and invisible to night vision goggles.

American 1 : hey we have a large military to compensate for our tiny penises! we need something like that

American 2: hey I stole some cadpat lets recolor and call it marpat adn tell teh world we invented it even though theres a 3 year difference!
by Angry Canadian 2 September 01, 2009
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A pathetic imitation of Marpat and the US Army multipurpose digital camo. The Canadian uniforms always manage to look crapier and inferior to ours. Then again I wouldn't expect too much of them to start with.
Lester the Canadian Soldier: Hey look at my imitation Marpat. This Cadpat will look great when I go to Tim Horton's to buy my maple syrup products.

Joe the Marine: That's so cute. If you guys up there ever have to do some serious fighting outside of the coffee shop you can borrow my Marpat and do it in style.
by GI Joe Indiana USA August 07, 2009
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