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The city of Savannah, Georgia. home of the late great Camoflauge (greatest rapper out the south), pure pain records, and current rapper Roam Bad Daddy. learn about it, DJ B-Lord! also known as seaport, c-pawt, and down by tha river.
C-port city till the day that i day, until then i drank hen, smoke weed and get high
by Dave Zip December 09, 2007
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1. Savannah,GA;derived from the word "seaport" because of its link to the river and ocean.
2. Another one of the GA's finest cities 2nd to Atlanta b.K.a. A-Town. This city was also the hometown to music artist such as Nivea and the late Camoflauge.abv:CPT SAV
"I wanna give a shout-out to all my niggas reppin dat C-Port and R.I.P. my nigga 'Flauge..."
by [Anonymous] February 09, 2005
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