C&k: cuddle and kiss. Something that you’d rather do than Netflix and chill with someone.
“Hey, I’m bored. Come over.”
“Ok, wanna c&k?”
by Hellomychildren July 21, 2018
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a hispanic gang from Los Chavez New Mexico. stands for Los Chavez Kings.
"L C K is the downest shit ever!!"

Sureno: "Oh shit, here comes an l c k, lets run away ese!!!"
by mateothathug September 07, 2007
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the word c u c k. it means the girl has more power and it demeans them!
Girl a: did you see how Emili c u c k e d billy last night
Girl b: I know I heard it!
by Imnotyourgranpaanymore August 12, 2020
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glizzy grabber, glizzy gobler,glizzy.eater.glizzy lover,glizzy fighter,glizzy hater
by ☚(゚ヮ゚☚) September 16, 2020
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modern object go yeet, this is a bucket, not big surprise, spade intensifies, will this get accepted, roblox dot com, probably not, why am i here, aaaaa, bbbbb, ccccc, ddddd.
spade go crazy b u c k e t no use but the first person go spabuckespade waht this prob not accep.
by Chaosgamer March 11, 2019
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