A Type C personality is characterized by an attention to detail and a desire to promote the most logical, efficacious way to achieve a goal with relatively less risk taking and more compromise than a Type A personality.

Often imagined as emotionally repressed and at the extreme, hypochondriacal, they can make dependable professionals in technical roles without the tendency to be distracted by passions as one might imagine with a type B personality.

The main negative with having one as a friend is they are predictable, routine prone and not spontaneous.
Daria Morgandorfer can be seen as a prime example of a Type C personality.
by ApricotFields July 29, 2019
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Originated when I, Tollie, wrote a bunch of conversations on my GJ (randomly). I created Person A and Person B, who are not really all that different and thus have disorders in which they think they have no personalities and they sob all the time. Person C has a personality, however - an awesomely insane one. Person C randomly shouts out "BWAHAHAHAHA I AM PERSON C!!!!" at random intervals whenever it is mentioned. Person C is a role model to many people, including myself.
Tollie: What would be a good name for our band?
Tootles: OMP!!! We should totally name it after Person C as a tribute!!
by Tollie December 31, 2005
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It means Chutiya person. When a classy person doesn't want to use the word Chutiya, they simply replace the word with "C".
It's a much more civilized and cooler way to get the word across.
My ex was such a C person that he jerked off in the rat holes. Hah sucha loser!
by Elmama June 9, 2021
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