A very adorable boy with a powerful charming teeth smile; but don't be fooled by his cute innocent appearance - when he starts rolling his lusciously thick, sexy body, he has the power to manually swerve lanes.

Full name Kim Byeongkwan, formerly known as "Jason," is the main dancer of a rising k-pop group called A.C.E. He also goes by Bk, KBK, Kkwani, Yung Y, and many other nicknames, causing a slight identity crisis within himself and the Choice fandom.

He carries a pair of mesmerizing eyes similar to a fox, juicy lips that of a baby chick, ears identical to a fairy, and a dainty presence of a white rabbit. Despite exhibiting his elite skills as South Korea's superior dancer, he also demonstrates excellence in singing and rapping, a true hybrid of a talented creation.
Baby boy energy is Byeongkwan in Korean.
by byeongkwan January 30, 2019
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kim byeongkwan is a singer of an amazing group called A.C.E. he can dance, sing, and rap and he also is very pretty. hes a soft boy. he can literally make choices uwu.
Person 1: Who's your bias?
Person 2: Kim Byeongkwan.
Person 1: Oh he makes me uwu!
by peachlee April 13, 2019
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