Creating a new word on Urban Dictionary that encourages interaction with the natural world and offers an easy off-ramp from and the internet in general.
Donaldo could feel he was being sucked into another UrbanFictionary doomscrooling session and preemptively created a new word to establish his Definitive Exit Plan from the internet and return to his natural wilderness habitat.
by RalphhplaR September 10, 2022
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Yes there is, and it's right here you troglodyte.

Something someone types into the search box to try and outsmart the dictionary.

If you'd have used some punctuation in your search, you wouldn't have had to see this. Now suffer, mere mortal.
Nigga 4th wall break, the dictionary has a definition for "i bet theres no definition for this"
by John Deere 9860 STS combine September 17, 2020
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They get freaky/are very close friends.
"We aren't dating at all!" Melissa and Joe hold hands closely.
"Yeah, They're definitely fucking" - Everyone
by Zeeland April 9, 2023
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