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a category of liberals who base all their facts from
"Did you hear what she was saying? It's like she was reading word for word from a Buzzfeed Article"
"Yeah shes a Buzzfeed Liberal"
by P3ssyDestroyer6969 July 26, 2016
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A privileged person who calls out other people for not being sensitive enough because they dont share his/her views based solely on what buzzfeed describes as cool or acceptable. They get triggered and offended by anything that might contradict their own point of view and will always find silly things to whin about while doing nothing to fix real issues
"Mark insists that talking about trans people when you are not one of them is unacceptable . He is such a brainwashed buzzfeed liberal"

"I'm tired of Noura pretending to see oppression of minorities everywhere like a true buzzfeed liberal."
by keft May 24, 2017
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