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(n)and/or(v)-this word means to suck. it means that you really, really suck. it can also mean that something is grimy, or shitty to say. Or maybe something that you did to someone, like maybe say something mean to a chick..a friend of mine would go, damn darren, that was Darren thats buttsuckles.
for instance..i know this guy named Charlie (Chuck) Glansdorf..his nickname was 'buttsuckles' but than 'buttsuckles' just became a word we would use in our everyday lives. He hated that name, but we absolutely didnt care because it was such a brilliant name/word.

I Bad daB I: i buttsuckles, you buttsuckles, they buttsuckles, we buttsuckles, you'all buttsuckles
by Darren M.W. April 19, 2006
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