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This is one word and is used to define the sack everyone has on their butt. This word is used in day-to-day conversation. (Yes I spelled the word right it’s spelled buttsac not buttsack)
by BlueDerp January 09, 2019
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A sac used to hold one's saggy butt (usually caused by being a buttslut).
Jas has a buttsac the size of a parachute.
Jas sometimes has to use 2 buttsacs, double wrap.
by andyGILL July 08, 2005
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your nutsack more back than normal touching your asshole causing major rashing when shiting
His huge buttsac gave a rash all the way down his leg after relieving his massive shit!
by Chris Wills July 07, 2003
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When one mans Ball sac is deformed and located on his bum cheek.
I saw Jibblin Joe the other day and when he bent over to get his news paper and I saw his nasty Butt Sac !
by tony titz November 05, 2007
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