to stick one's finger up their own ass while sleeping. Then place that finger near their nose!
Dude, it was hilarious! Last night we got completely thrashed and butt fingered Ronnie!
by steve April 20, 2005
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It is when a person takes their finger and inserts it into another persons or their own butthole. It can used in a sexual sense or simply as a greeting to one of your friends. It is used when stimulating of the anus is necesary but you don't want to get poop on your dick.
adj. : Hey buttfinger boy come over here.
verb. : yeah dude im totaly going to buttfinger her tonight.
by KcoopZ January 29, 2010
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When someone eats cheetos or doritos gets that orange stuff all over their fingers.
John: That person eating doritos is probably gonna have insane buttfingers
Peter: I ate some cheetos and now I have insane buttfingers
by SittingInTheWaitingRoom January 31, 2018
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