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The act of completely covering the penis in butter, and then sprinkling raw beef on top, finish it off by jacking off vigorously, and mix together all ingredients. Bake for one hour. Serve.
My girlfriends parents are coming over for dinner tonight. I think I'll make them some Buttered Sausage.
by TornHorse January 18, 2011
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a buttered sausage is the act of cutting a hole into a whipped cream can and inserting a Frankfurt resulting in a cream covered sausage. after you have covered the sausage you freeze it over night. the next morning it is covered in melted butter then freeze again. once frozen and buttered you insert it into your anus and run down the street screaming "butter my buns and call me betty!"
the young lad did a buttered sausage on sunday to church
by a silly sausage June 10, 2017
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