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One of those turds that is so big and heavy that it splashes all over the place and leaves your arse all wet.
by Danpal7 October 06, 2005
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a fart that is so loud and strong that you shit yourself, and then it runs down your leg...
AAAAAAA! fuck! that hurt! I seem to have shit myself... Damn buttnuke
by TitaniumPhantom December 05, 2016
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It is when a mail (or femile if they have a strap-on) lays there partner on their belly with their butt exposed and jumps in the air and slams their penis into their partners butt
Dude, my gf wanted to do something crazy last night, so I butt nuked her, it was awesome but painful
by KANT D3Ni April 20, 2017
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