Shit, poop, crap, etc. Smells nice, tastes even better.
"Hey I just made fresh butt chocolate. Got to the bathroom and take a look."
by SaltySusan September 8, 2020
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Powerful bowel movements from the anus making a perfect chocolate colored excretion. Beautiful texture, smells absolutely nothing like sweet chocolate.
Look at the way the furious lion produces excellent butt chocolate.
by Jareth Santiago March 22, 2005
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When a girl puts chocolate in her mouth while sucking a mans penis, then after his throbing penis is covered in chocolate, he puts it in her ass.
cash money: "Did you hear about Jovana on friday?"
Big noob: "no, why?"
cash money: "I guess she got a chocolate butt from steve"
Big noob: "o man, that's Hot."
by billybigdicks February 16, 2009
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