The act of having sexual intercourse of the anus through telepathy, often the person being targeted has no idea it has happened until the point where they spend the rest of the day feeling as though there is something up their ass
Jim: watch this man,im gonna have butsecks with that guy over there
Tim: r u for serious?
Jim: look... now he's walking around like theres something in his ass
by Soraoblivionxiii May 23, 2009
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Phrase which originated from the "Attention Whore" animation.

Means "Hello, want to have anal sex?"

Currently a fad catchphrase on LUE.
LUEser: Y helo thar, butsecks? LOLOLOL
Woman: If you come near me again I'll fucking call the cops.
by LUEser February 20, 2004
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