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The most amazing and gorgeous girl out there. The name can be a noun, adj, verb, person, place, thing or idea all at the same time. Arabic origin. It means good omen/news. A person who brings happiness. Always brightens up your day with her amazingly funny and witty personality. She benefits others. Shes smart, kind, sassy, multitalented, fun, chic, sexy, loving, compassionate, easy to talk to and trust, cute with a pretty face, always there for you, very attractive, has magnetic eyes and gorgeous hair w a perfect curved body and has a heart and mind of gold....all around beautiful inside and out, perfect person. usually stubborn but logical and ultimately know what to do because they come the purest good intentioned places. Shes hard to find and obtain. Letting her go is most regretful and biggest mistake one can do in their lives. She takes up a large portion of your heart and mind. Not easily forgettable and haunts you forever to let her slip away. Hold onto her. Having her by your side makes you stronger and stable to conquer anything. She's simple and only takes sincerity to keep her pleased. She has very high standards and morals-but once she's yours, she s yours. She falls once and she falls hard. She's honest and faithful. I love this amazing girl.
I love Bushrah. She's smart kind beautiful. Her butt is perfect.
by Sangehguptah9 September 05, 2014
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