A phrase commonly used in (but not restricted to) baseball to describe something (usually a playing style or attitude) that is not respectable or sportsmanlike, but technically not breaking any rules of the game. Someone who commonly plays with antics that are considered bushleague, would be considered a "bushleaguer". Both "bushleague" and "bushleaguer" can also be used to describe unsportsmanlike acts by fans, and to describe the fans themselves, respectively.
BATTER: "Aww cmon ump, are you gonna let the catcher get away with that?? He keeps taunting me as the pitch comes in. This is such Bushleague crap.

UMPIRE: "I don't wanna hear any more of it. Now get in the box and shut your mouth."
by guitarfingers January 7, 2010
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Derived from Butchleague, referring to a lesbian softball league, this word is used while referring to anything deemed cheap, thrifty, or unfair.
"This class is so Bushleague"
"My teacher is Bushleague"
"N00b, you are Bushleague"
by WTFisApseudonym January 21, 2009
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when something is really quite crap, or untrue it is 'busleague'
na. BUSHLEAGUE. got you! (joke)
what a loada busleague!
by Fiona the fie April 15, 2006
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A phrase used to describe a Fantasy Football League that is of poor competition, standards, and unsportsmanlike. AThe Bushleague falls into grey area because technically no rules are being broken, and if rules are being broken there is a lack of accountability and oversight, thus offenders face no consequence. A person who contributes to a league being labeled a "Bushleague" often abuses technicalities, loose rules, and gentlemen/handshake deals. A Fantasy Football Commissioner should be proactive in the issues within a league before their precious league is labeled a "Bushleague." Someone who commonly plays with antics that are considered bushleague, would be considered a "bushleaguer". Both "bushleague" and "bushleaguer" can be used to describe a league that needs rebuilding, or a player of poor regard.
"Man, the commissioner wanted everyone's buy-in money before the draft, but it has been over a week since the championship, and he still hasn't paid out! And he won't return calls or texts...This is a real bushleague!

"Did you see him screenshot the live point breakdown when he lost? Not knowing a sack doesn't count as negative rushing yards. LOL, He's a real Bushleaguer bro. He should start his own fantasy football bushleague for underachievers
by FF_GOAT January 12, 2022
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