A term pointing out the similarity between (often right-wing) political zealots supporting Bush Jr. (a supposedly democratic leader) and the worst qualities of a Stalinist totalitarian regime, where dissent wasn't tolerated and the party line was the criterion of truth.
Of course, as a good little Bushevik, you'd prefer to forget all about that silly history stuff, right?
by Danila March 19, 2005
A rabid, extremely belligerent follower of the Bush-Blair doctrine of militant Zionism. Based on the analogy of the nottorious Jewish Bolsheviks which ruled the former Soviet Union with iron fist leaving an estimated 60 million of innocent corpses.
Whom are the mad Busheviks gonna attack next?
I think it's a toss between Syrian and Iran.
Can anybody stop these lunatics?
Well, not until you control at least one non-zionist radio or TV station!
by Destouches February 16, 2005