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adj used to describe people, objects, actions or a kind of atmosphere/tone, which bare a resemblance in nature style to the films of acclaimed director Tim Burton. Burton's films are encapsulated by imaginative and fantastical worlds and characters, reminiscent of the horror films, folk tales and fairytales that bare influence upon the director. These films are characteristically surreal, avant-garde and expressionistic, the tone of which is commonly described as 'dark' and 'gothic' owing to Burton's romanticism and fascination with the macabre. Burton approaches uncomfortable topics with great wit and humour - as if laughing at the world for taking itself too seriously. Burton uses satire, irony and the anti-hero as a tools for social commentary, which is magnified by his juxtaposition of the cliche and the absurd. Johnny Depp says of Burton: "He is an artist, a genius, an oddball, an insane, brilliant, brave, hysterically funny, loyal, non-conformist, honest friend" (Burton on Burton revised edition). This statement is one's best reference for the term Burtonesque, as all of theses qualities are inherent in the films of Tim Burton.
The theater production had a burtonesque quality to it.

by Winchester1983 February 28, 2009
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Adj. Anything pertaining or resembling Tim Burton or one of his films. A general feeling of mystical and somewhat dark wonderfulness.
A neighborhood of similar houses with similar scheduled tasks (as in Edward Scissorhands) Having no hair and special powers (like Powder) Singing about Holidays at inappropriate times (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Basically anything reminding you of a situation that would have been in a Tim Burton film is Burtonesque
by LordFreezaBeeza September 17, 2014
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Burtonesque is a word that describes a way of life defined by Tim Burton fans. Its represents a group of people that sees romance, anti-heroism, style, mannerisms, and the world the way Tim Burton would show it in his movies. It's got a sense of victorian gothic to it in using it to describe physical things, but is very cheery as apposed to modern day gothic. This term originated on a site called Be Burtonesque or B2x.
"Wow, that shirt is very Burtonesque."

"The way he proposed was very Burtonesque."

"That room is so dark, yet it's cheery. It's very Burtonesque!"
by BeBurtonesque July 29, 2008
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