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The act of getting not only fecal matter when you wipe but also semen on toilet paper
Result of anal sex and using the bathroom after. Using the bathroom after anal sex caused me to burgoon the toilet paper.
by 61egamad March 23, 2011
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A portmanteau of the first and last names of the most wonderful girl in the world.

If you know Burgoon & she thinks that you're OK, consider yourself lucky; if you know Burgoon & she likes you, consider yourself blessed; if you know Burgoon & she more than just "likes" you, well...then...that's just too good to be true.

The best friend anyone can possibly have.

A guy would be out of his flipping mind to do anything that would upset Burgoon - for 3 reasons:
1) She deserves better.
2) He should know better.
3) She'll go Schenect on his ass.

Burgoon's only flaws include:
1) She's blind to her own beauty and intelligence.
2) She can be a little mean at times.
3) She thinks she's a whole hell of a lot funnier than she actually is - which is pretty funny in and of itself.
4) "(-:" <------ She's been known to abuse poor little smileys.
Guy 1: "You know, the only situation better than going out with a girl LIKE Burgoon is going out with Burgoon herself."
Guy 2: "I know what you mean man but let's be honest, Burgoon can get any guy in this entire world. She's a perfect friend and would make THE perfect girlfriend. She'll never be interested in guys like us."
Guy 3: "Are you kidding me? Y'all are losers. I may be a shitshow but I've got the hair, the personality, and the loyalty to be with Burgoon. I have a lot to prove but I'm sure that, when it's all said and done, she'll know that I am the guy she's looked for her entire life."
by If We Only Knew July 17, 2011
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