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Any person that is from Pittsburgh, or the surrounding region, that obviously speaks the dialect of the area and tends to be very stuborn. Notice the h in Burgher. Early in the 20 century, the US government tried to standadtize city names such as changing Pittsburgh to Pittsburg. But the citizens revolted & the government was defeated because no one followed the new spelling!
Yinz goin' aht n'at.
Nah, were watchin' the Sillers after we stop at Giant Igle just like any burgher would.
by Russdog Maximus September 28, 2007
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pronunciation: 'burgur

1. n a member of the middle class
2. n a citizen of an English borough
James had a family and a steady job. He owned his own home and had money to spend. He was neither wealthy or poor. He was middle class, otherwise known as a burgher.
by Piarr2 June 21, 2005
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