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pronunciation: 'burgur

1. n a member of the middle class
2. n a citizen of an English borough
James had a family and a steady job. He owned his own home and had money to spend. He was neither wealthy or poor. He was middle class, otherwise known as a burgher.
by Piarr2 June 21, 2005

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n 1. slang term for 'hacker'
I'm a h4rd(0r3 h4(x0r!!!111!
by Piarr2 June 22, 2005

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adj. Hodd is a combination of the words 'hot' and 'odd'. So something/someone that is hodd is both hot and odd.

It most usually has, not a negative or positive connotation by default, but one that is designed to make the recipient think twice before responding. It depends on the one who says the word to use it as either.
pirate: yarr, your face is pretty hodd.

ninja: ummm, thanks

pirate: you lose
by Piarr2 August 15, 2005

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