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Buraydah is the capital of Al- Qassim province in central region of Saudi Arabia, 1 million of population, Buraydah city is mixed between urban style and rustic style, where the farms cover almost 60 percent of its land there are luxury hotels and coffee shops, alcohol is strictly prohibited.
It’s the source of palm dates in Saudi Arabia, also it’s known of producing traditional food plates such as (Kwlija, qursan, margog and henainy).
The word Buraydah in Arabic refer to the word “near to cold” the city is named because the wells drilled for the camels of charity Sahaabi Buraydah bin Haseeb Aslami may Allah be pleased with him, sent by the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him to inspect the camel charity.

Other naming reasons:

Buraydah called by that name because its cold water - It was the desert oasis where water collects and then al-burdy flowers grow.
Buraydah 330 Km far from the Capital of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).
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by AJ11 January 19, 2011
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