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Very lame, stupid, or dissapointing.
Justin-"Hey Adam are you still coming over to play video games?"
Adam-"no sorry i have to go to my girlfriends."
Justin-" Ahhh Bunkasaurus!"
by Fishsticks_4u May 18, 2010
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A competition between two individuals where they press against each other with their foreheads and push until one of them dies. The one left alive becomes the victor. Bunkasaurus is most commonly played using the forehead, but if the competitors agree then they may use the top of their heads or their noses. The objective remains unchanged, kill your opponent by pushing into them with your head or nose.
"Let's play bunkasaurus"
"okay, but you must let me use the top of my head as I am weaker and do not wish to risk dying of a sore forehead"
by Raggamuffen July 18, 2014
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