Bunga refers to someone who is very sexy, polite and always learn from her mistakes. She also a kind of jovial and love to laugh.
Bunga also being hot when its come to sex!
If your girl named is Bunga better don't let her go! Very easy during the day, yet hot at night!
by Hgbxn December 30, 2017
1. A term used to portray a strong connection with an action. Not to be be confused with the various uses of the term hella, which is used to describe a noun. Bunga is commonly stated to emphasize a great passion with a verb or action. When used in this fashion, the verb or action is often altered to involve the root ‘-unga’.
Ex: Want -> Wunga Bunga
Take -> Takunga Bunga

2. A way of referring to a person of which you feel a strong connection to. Calling someone a bunga is a playful way of showing them that you care for them, either as a close friends or as something more (intentions can be implied by context of conversation).
1. “I runga bunga with my friends on the track team, they’re cool!”
“I wanga bunga the pussy, schlick.”

2. “What are you bungas up to?”
“Get in the hot tub you bunga!”
by Jombimation June 13, 2018
something bad and stupid and just a fun word to use it works
Holly: You are working tonight?
Amy: Yea...
Holly: Bunga!
by Hollllap June 20, 2003
A sexy ass man, loved by women all over
I heard all the women have a crush on Bunga
The fuck is a woman?
by Not Bunga June 1, 2021
If you don't give me my money I'm gonna' shove my gun up to it's sight in your bunga.
by Doobad1 August 17, 2009
1.oi fagget, lets go have a bunga
2. i'm off for a bunga
3. i'm goin on my bunga break
by columbo October 22, 2003
A Bunga is a gentle word insult, used playfully to encourage sarcastic annoyance.
Person1: "Dude you're so annoying."
Person2: "I guess you could call me a Bunga."
by 2British4U January 18, 2015