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Bumpis- /'bəmpəs/

1. A raucous, boisterous person or thing (usually african-american.)

2 .A state of black culture defined by raucous and cultural euphemisms which no other race can comprehend

3. When black people while out.

Whether there just a hood ass n@#$a or t-sizzle celebrating after making a sack. noun, verb
Yo look at those bumpus ass mofos!
Ray ray is getting bumpus tonight boiii!
by Bumpus4life January 08, 2012
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A man with tiny feet; specifically of the hobbit variety.
Did you see those feet? He's a bumpus.
by dudetheprude August 28, 2017
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A. A very smug individual that thinks they are better than everyone. Never smiles. If you are hungry you want a Bumpus around, very good at cooking.

B. Another name for male member or penis.
Chad: Look at that guy over there standing there with his arms crossed that thinks he's sweet.

Tyler: What a douche, he looks like a total Bumpus.

"I was so horny last night and couldn't get any pussy to come over so I had to beat my own Bumpus."
by Tyrone16 January 29, 2016
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