A tattoo located on a person's ass.
I had sex with a chick last night who had a fly bumpersticker.
by pinksmurf July 30, 2010
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Often precreated picture messages u Its a great way of letting the person and everyone who looks at their profile know what your relationship means to you.
Judging from her bumperstickers, Jacqui and Shaina are good friends, and they have a lot of inside jokes.
by Jacqueline b July 30, 2008
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The act sending a "friend" on the social networking site Facebook a Bumber Sticker.
I was bumpersticking a lot of pictures to friends, such as a picture of McLovin from Superbad.
by dumbblondemrf March 26, 2008
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The act of spending hours on Facebook looking for and sending bumper stickers to people.
While on Facebook chat: "Dude, I'm totally bumperstickering you right now."
by Frau Wendla May 15, 2008
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the act of adding tons and TONS of bumperstickers and sending them to friends on facebook b/c u have nothing better to do in life. basically what teenagers do all day. when they can.
Lola at the mall w/ friend: OMG DID U GET THAT BUMPER STICKER I SENT U??

Friend: Yeah i got it while i was bumperstickering! ahh, what a great pastime!
by bumperstickergirl February 17, 2009
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A constant barrage of bumperstickers from a particular person or persons on facebook or myspace
Bill: Dude why do you BumperSticker Rape me
Chris: Cause they are mad funny
Bill: You suck
by Kswens May 4, 2009
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A prank that can be executed anywhere, but is most prevalent among LGBTQ+ communities in the Southern United States. You begin by finding a car with copious amounts of right-wing stickers and waiting until the owner gets back. When the owner is in view, you sprint towards their car, stick a pro-LGBTQ+ sticker over a hateful one, and record their reaction as you run away.
Will and I went bumpersticking last night, and one guy pulled a gun on us! We barely got away.
by localpriest March 28, 2022
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