Character from 'Beavis and Butthead'
Bumholio is 'Cornholio' when hes being a complete arsehole!
"I am 'BUMHOLIO' I need TP for my Bung-hole!"
by F.Northy August 22, 2009
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Def: One word - Linden. =) A person of extreme bum-ness. ^_~
by Lee January 18, 2005
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Forsooth, in pass'ed times, when derivations and defamations were thrice socially acceptable, ye olde opus, by the Lauret, William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet spake forth of great silliness. Among this tome's mighty characters was one Benvolio.
Thus, 13-year-olds in England were forc'ed to read of his stupidity and demise as part of their schooling, and thence cameth the childish and generally un-funny slur, 'Bumholio'.
Comic genius it aint. Aye me.
Kid: I hate Shakespeare. Miss, why do we have to read this? It's nonsense!
Teacher: STFU, Bumholio.
by Phil Bool October 11, 2006
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a comical word for anus or arse, used as an insult... not a very good one either.
1."why did you do that?", "meh", "bumholio!"

2."You bumholio!"

by Steve Richards October 15, 2003
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