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That lucky guy who's wife or female friend lets him bend her over the couch and has her hold her ass cheeks open wide. He applys his nose close to her stink star and slowly inhales the aroma of her stink star as he jerks off to the pleasure of the scent and sight of her balloon knot. Possibly progressing further into becoming a bung licker or ultimateley an Anal Intruder.
Linda and I was really horny. I leaned her over the back of the couch and she spread her butt cheeks wide and held them that way. I leaned in and slowly inhaled that delicious funky odor of her bunghole over and over. I pumped away at my hard crank and knew I wouldn't last long. I licked at her gumhole and once I tasted that tangy balloon knot, I erupted like a volcano and gushed one of the biggest loads I've ever shot. I just love being her Bum Sniffer.
by The King Cornholer April 09, 2008
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If you are really promising yourself not to swear/curse; the word Bumsniffer comes out of your mouth.

Also, if you have noticed sniffing bums really isn't pleasent. So People will also take it in as a hurtful response. Just like fuckyou, or bitchplease. IT's all the same. Bumsniffe is just the nicest form to put it in :)

You can also say it randomly. Try it, It's fun.

Person 1 : "Hey ______, you look like a douche today"
Person 2 : "Shut up Bumsniffer"

Random Person 1 : "....Bumsniffer"
by Tamer Tman Mistro June 12, 2011
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