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To "bum hat" is to refer, promote or summarise oneself needlessly. This is mostly done by television where large proportions of low quality programmes will summarise and re-summarise what has happened previously before showing highlights of what is coming up. Thus a large proportion of the show will be full of "bum hatting".

Some websites do this also e.g. Running an article on the "ten most read articles" etc. and it is also worth noting that "best of" and "nostalgia" programmes on television are basically hour long "bum hatting" sessions.

Interestingly, "bum hatting" has nothing to do with 'Inspector Bum Hat', a character created by TV Critic Charlie Brooker, parodying television detective programmes.
"I like watching 'The Biggest Loser' but the amount of bum hatting is intolerable".

"Tonight's episode of Friends is on at 8pm but it's a best of and thus just bum hatting"
by mokershipping March 04, 2011
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