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Aggressively hitting on women by force. Often times the "Bull Shark" will be extremely drunk/creepy, and grabbing girls that are not particularly interested in them. A patented "Bull Shark" move would be to grab the girl's face and forcibly make out with them.

Labeling somebody a Bull Shark works best while at the beach. Not only is there a "marine life" undertone in its name, but the beach is a prime location to hit on unsuspecting women, allowing you to creep from one bathing suit to the next.
Chris: Dude, look that creeper over there Bullsharking the fuck outta that girl.

Adam: Wow, she wants nothing to do with him. She keeps walking away from him, but he keeps buying her shots, asking to friend him on facebook.
by Drewski Manuski December 15, 2009
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