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An 18th century Yorkshire word for watery manure, rubbish, outrageous and stupid.

An English way for calling out someone for talking utter nonsense, obscure and bizarre contradictory claims. Bullscutter is used when one hears of or is in the presence of people who have the 'primal need' to engage in malicious gossip/accusations that is not acceptable.
The following circumstances where the gossip/accusations has crossed the acceptableline and morphed into a response of 'bullscutter'.

Brett: Did you know Pia cuts herself?
Mona: Who told you that nonsense?
Brett: Kale did, she told him she knows someone who cuts themselves and he noticed a bandaid on finger
Mona: Bullscutter, you an idiot!

Sammy: Teagan spends so much money and she doesn't even work. I bet she's prostituting herself

Nick: Are you serious, it's the biggest bullscutter I've ever heard. STFU Sammy, don't assume things about people, you don't live with them. Teagan probably works from home or she inherited her grandmothers fortune.

Jamie: Fred, did you tell Mike about what happened at football last Friday?
Fred: No, absolutely not. I gave you my word that I'll keep it a secret, don't you trust me?
Jamie: Yeah but the other day in class Linda was looking at me kind of weird and then she began to pointing to the fat boy that was sitting next to her, so I thought maybe you said something..
Fred: Bullscutter!
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