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Anyone in the Military, usually aimed at people in the Army.

Used to describe the effects of a person that has been shot a lot - they become full of bullets.
Eric: "I'm gonna join the army when I leave school."

Alan: "If you really wanna be a bullet bag then you do that."
by RJ_Port September 01, 2008
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Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
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A term that mocks police brutality, which is used against colorist black men.
Colorist Black Man : I hate darkskin bitches, they loud and ghetto.

Smart Black Woman: Shut up bullet bag.
by rafecameronsgf February 28, 2021
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Bulletbag an offensive word towards black men and use to mock police brutality
β€œAlmost got into a fight with someone ”

β€œYea bro don’t worry it was a bulletbag anyway”
by 22tuffy January 18, 2021
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When a Black guy dates a white girl they call him bullet bag.
Person 1:"O he dating that white girl "
Person2: "o he a bullet bag"
by Blck plerson December 27, 2019
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An individual who does stupid things, usually used to acknowledge that person in the form of a joke. Not offensive.
Nancy: I left your key outside
Me: What?! You're a real bulletbag
by zagababah September 29, 2019
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