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The Buford Gene was discovered in 2007 by Dr. Schlossenger Beaufort in Austria. It is located on chromosomes 6 and 9 between the URA3 and LYS2 loci. The Buford gene has been determined to promote 5-fluoro-orotic acid (FOA) and a-aminoadipic acid (aAA) production. These chemicals are responsible for "awesomeness" in an individual by encouraging comfort in common situations as well as the ability to rise to all occasions. It also inhibits the production of b-galactosidase which is responsible for "lameness" in individuals. This gene has yet to be successfully cloned, as the Buford Gene can only be expressed from the original. The only known methods of obtaining the Buford Gene is through sexual reproduction with a known carrier.
The Buford Gene is responsible for all awesomeness in the world
by Qurtis1 June 22, 2010
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