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To read this daily from Buffalo, New York, is to engage in a masochism not seen since the onset of self-flagellation.

Without question one of the worst newspapers to emerge in this country ever. Nobody ever thought it was possible to have so many pages with nothing pertinent or interesting to say. They are so typically one-sided in regard to political issues that they think nothing of endorsing a candidate without even a reasonable argument as to why.

The worst part of this rag is the "My View" column. They devoted a large space in the Opinions section to musings by the local yokels about their childhood memories of Grandma's potato salad, summer days spent in the basement with the lights off, or weekends at Uncle Wally's when he would slither into bed with cousin Mikey. However, those who have something relevant to say are relegated to a small paragraph in another area, so they can maintain space for this crap and all the former editors/employees who for some reason never go away.

They are further proof that a one-paper town is a lot like a child listening in on an adult conversation. They're only going to let you hear what they want you to hear.
The Buffalo News has to be absorbant for the amount of shit that lands on it's pages.
by Beastfan September 14, 2005
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