a once prosperous city filled with good jobs for everyone. in fact, college wasn't even necessary, cause there were jobs for everyone that paid pretty well. however, those jobs have all been shipped to mexico, china, thailand, taiwan and india among other places where workers are slaved for pennies a day that can never buy them any of the products they make. and, of course, the prices aren't really going down. But the city is, thanks to the apathy of a neo-con federal government, which could care less about the cities that built america, a state government that worries only about the so-called troubles of new york city, a city government that takes the little bit of federal and state money and pockets it into their own payraises and doesnt even attempt to solve problem, and a county government bureaucracy that only works part-time, gets paid more than double the salary of the avergae full-time worker in america, has no sense of creative thought, overstaffs itself and expects others to get rid of their so called patronage when they wont get rid of theirs. basically the great city has been fucked over.
outsourcing + federal neo-cons such as tom delay who cut off any aid + state interests + corrupt city gov't + county gov't shithole = the destruction of buffalo
by senor April 24, 2005
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Fat and loud black woman, age 25 to 35, at least 75 pounds overweight. She is outspoken, uneducated, arrogant and obnoxious. Typically festooned with hoop earrings and elaborately painted fake fingernails and branded with a ghetto tattoo. Often seen/heard loudly chatting with another buffalo on her cell phone, making brilliant statements like "You know I ain't tryin to hear that gurrrrrll!!!" as she waddle-struts along the sidewalk.
This buffalo is in front of you at the grocery store. She's paying for two carts of premium groceries with a federal voucher - and then whipping out a roll of cash to pay for the beer and candy that food stamps won't cover.
by Memphis Mikey March 8, 2010
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Pretty much the coolest city ever. Involves a lot of badass car chases and wondrous food. New York City and Rochester may say that it's a shithole where you're going to get carjacked, but they're only jealous because we have Loganberry and Mighty Taco.
Innocent Bystander - UGH. I have to drive through BUFFALO this week. Goodbye, sweet world!
Buffalonian - You only say that because you've never had a Super Mighty.
by hardcore llama January 25, 2011
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Gayest city in the great State of New York. In fact, the only non-gay city in the entire Empire State is New York City; mainly the following boroughs: Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Example 1

Wee Frank resides from gay Buffalo. He's so gay, that even if he was from the coolest place in the world, Staten Island, he'd still
be half queer.

Example 2

Wee Frank has a fake girlfriend in Buffalo.

Example 3

The Buffalo Bills had a kicker named Ray Finkle who missed the game winning field goal in the 1990 Super Bowl to the best sports team ever, the New York Football Giants
by Jay Knockers February 7, 2009
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Forget it if you're not Polish
Buffalo is so polski.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
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A once prospering city in Western New York State that has been hopelessly reduced to a rotting, smelly, crime-ridden pile of shit; thanks in part to a Mayor with the intellect and mannerisms of Bullwinkle the Moose. He continually shrugs his shoulders in awe of his own ineptness, and keeps a stack of index cards with his standard "spin" responses to any substantive questions.
Buffalo is going nowhere but down, because no politician wants to get his/her prints on this trainwreck. If you find yourself traveling the I-90 towards Buffalo, just keep on driving.
Mathematical formula:

Mayor of Buffalo X 3 terms divided by number of jobs lost squared, subtract 54 percent in population drop, add political stupidity and corruption to an exponent of 50 = The stench that is the city of Buffalo
by beastfan August 12, 2004
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To have sex in a snowbank. Perhaps derives from Buffalo, NY, the freaking snow capital of the world. This is a common practice amongst bored college freshman in rural areas.
Girl: Let's have some good Buffalo!
Boy: Won't it shrink?
Girl: That's the point!
by Ugh! November 14, 2006
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