A saucy endearment used describe a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffahos are fun, outgoing, and attractive. Though any B-Dubs employee can be a Buffaho, the title is usually used to describe the servers.
"I love my Buffahos!" - A Buffalo Wild Wings Employee in reference to the waitstaff.
by AnastasiaVenezuela August 12, 2012
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When a player hits the strip club and "Buffs A Ho" with his cash. May refer specifically to the act of dropping bills on a stripers ass, essentially buffing the area as it passes.
by tbonics April 18, 2016
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a girl from buffalo that sleeps with evreyone, including girls. she also steals your boyfriend and is a bitch.
did you hear about that buff-a-ho? she slept with every guy at the party last night and i think that one dudes girlfriend...
by littlecutebunnygirl January 02, 2012
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