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A term used to describe when at least 2 or more people gather together in a public washroom (ex: restaurant, hotel) with about 2-3 bathroom stalls lined up next to each other, to take a shit all at the same time. This allows intimate conversation and laughs to be had with your friends, while also feeling the relaxation of unloading your turd.
Richie: "Man that taco bell went right through me, I gotta go take a big crap immediately"

Cameron: "Yeah, same here dude"

Richie: "Buddy dump?"

Cameron: "You know it!"
by SteelShark398 August 26, 2011
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When the toilet seat is too cold, so your buddy offers to take down his pants and sit down so that you can sit on his warm lap and shit between his legs.
After a heated contest of one-on-one flag football I had to take a shit, but the toilet seat was way too cold, so my buddy (who was ripped!) took down his pants and hooked me up with a buddy dump.
by gostbrand February 23, 2010
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To go to the bathroom with your buddy and take a dump in adjacent stalls but at the same time.
"Yo, you wanna go do buddy dumps before the movie?"
"Hell yes"
by dzzzzz August 06, 2006
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