Phrase used to describe an unbelievable or greatly-exaggerated claim. Usually said to someone other than the person making the claim.

Originally from the phrase "These guys do a buck-40 in my subdivision in there snow-mobiles every winter."
Person 1: I seriously drank at LEAST 48 beers last night!
Person 2 (to person 3): wow, that's a buck-40.
Person 3: Yep.
by mean'him April 20, 2009
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My girl just screamed into my head for an hour...she must have 40 bucks!
by M. Emerson October 28, 2006
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When a guy agrees to his group of friends that he’ll let an ugly girl suck his dick. After the boy gets his dick sucked, the group of friends owe him 40 bucks and half a subway sandwich of any kind.
Bro, Bobby totally just pulled a 40 bucks and half a subway sandwich! Definitly wasn’t worth it.
by TookOneForTheTeam July 25, 2018
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