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noun. A large arab person, who eats too much, is very shy or totally gay.

verb. An expression of how fat someone is.
Jeez! That person is bigger than bubbah!
by Goofy April 08, 2005
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a girl who is very pretty , got maori swagg like no other is very out going and adventurious , loves to party and is Maori . She would be a really good friend she puts others before herself and is afraid of giving things a go . Maori is what she lives loves and laughs foa she is the Bubbah to all the city monkeys in Perth City ! She shows detication in what she does and her name is Rinaha !
Damn thats deffinately Bubbah , i mean look aht her shes Bubbah
by Rawinia Aroha April 11, 2011
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