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Your buddy’s taking a shit. You have to shit real bad, but there’s no other toilet. You sit on your buddy’s lap, face-to-face and shit through the gap between the toilet and dick
Brandon: “Ay yo Daniel, the toilets busted upstairs! Let me get in there and BUBBA GUMP!”
by Dizzle D 6969 January 05, 2019
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A high amount of excess fat around the cheeks and chin area, like Bubba Gump himself in "Forrest Gump".
I was behind a fat chick earlier today, and when I tapped her shoulder to get her attention, she jumped and spun around with her bubba gumps flapping in the wind.
by Bubba Gump Master January 26, 2010
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A whack ass mothafucka' tryin' to front but is actually just actin' retarded. Slap these fuckers when they start frontin' to keep em in check.
This bubba gump ass motherfucker, who the fuck is he?
by Bill Dawg December 01, 2004
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Rims with big lips. (deep dish rims) At least a 6 or 7 inch lip.
I got a kandy painted 7 doose cutty sittin on 24's wit dem Bubba Gumps baby. 209 Stockton Cali representin'
by Mikey Mike 209 May 15, 2008
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Drunk and acting stupid. Speech is mostly inaudible like "Bubba" from Forrest gump.
I'm heading out to the club tonight. I'm gonna get "bubba gump".
by buddah_44 October 06, 2016
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verb: To endlessly list similar items until you have literally listed each item.
I swear to god, the teacher just bubba gumped different types of film just so he can enjoy the sound of his voice
by Jean Encenaman May 08, 2018
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