Brynner is trusting. He is loyal. Can be a trubble maker but is not really. He is kind. It is easy to make friends with brynner when you get the chance take it .
Brynner =#loyal #trusting #kind
by Becky 347 April 04, 2019
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A gay that can be tall. talks a lot . In one year will have 6 girlfriends and the relationship will last weeks at a time. Him and a girl that are that say they won’t date eventually will end up together. He is loyal. He is trustworthy. And if you meet brynner you are a lucky person
Friend “Hey brynner can I trust you”

by Kenith.w November 24, 2018
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stimulating your penis with your hand or hands to cause orgasm and ejaculation. Male masturbation.
Putting his fists up to engage in a round of rubbing one out he notice that his cock kind of looked like Yul Brynner's Bald head from behind as he start to stroke..... Just then I get a call for one of my buddies they ask, "waz up"? and I say, " just sittin' around BOXING YUL BRYNNER".
by Yo-B-Dawg May 14, 2010
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Pepe; "Hey John?"

John: "What's up Pepe?"

(Pepe is urinating behind a tree on the golf course)

Pepe; "Come over here and check out Yul Brynner with a turtleneck!"
by gamisiking August 06, 2016
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