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The most coolest person ever and had the biggest penis ever and people call him gay but he has more clout than most of y’all so post up on him
Brynden fucked me last night and I still can’t walk
by Richard_342775 July 03, 2018
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Brynden is a loving person, he always will be there for you. He is able to understand most situations but is a follower. He Falls in love with most people who show slight affection towards him and loves to talk to other people from around the world. Overall he just loves everybody around him. He is also very nervous if he has to talk to a large group of people.
Guy1: I was talking to Brynden the other day and seemed real into are the conversation.
Girl1: Yeah, he always pays attention unless something really important comes up.
Guy2: Brynden is a great person, he is so caring.
Girl1: That's what I like about Brynden.
by SelimIPRIDEI April 03, 2017
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