They way you spell and pronounce "British" like a demonized child in girlish bohemian clothes thus looking like a French girl. The reason why "Brutish" is close to "British" is not only because of the Brexit vote and progress but for how they antagonize Mainland Europe just like in a number of TV "programs" featuring "British" people especially to mention that they are proud war-freaks hence they are not fit to be in the E.U. since the E.U. is generally built for peace so that is why Brexit Britain will be just a Great "Brutain", isle of grayish "Brutes" in which it echoes the pragmatic French and Germans realizing that they call them names such as "rosbif(s)" and "Inselaffe(n)".
La connard! Those "Brutish" beasts just wanna invade Brussels with their Brexit fantasies just like how they are seen on TV and in the "movies", time to punish those "Brutish" roast beefs!

The "Brutish" people are the ones who pioneered their lousy culture exclusive for men only hence they invented FHM and other magazines like Arena...

Don't ever listen to sexist Brexit "Brutish" music like Ed Sheeran, why not try "Numa Numa", "Hard Rock Hallelujah", any French singer who is plain meaningless or "Du Hast" to make you feel European than "Brutish"!
by The Saviour of Takeshima June 13, 2018
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