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- One of the founding Clans of the Camarilla. The Brujah see themselves as free-spirited and independent, but most of the other Clans see them as undisciplined, with no respect for authority. For while the Clan has several well respected philosophers and thinkers in its ranks, it is also true that a large majority of the anarchs are members of the Brujah as well. As a consequence, the Brujah seem to have difficulty reaching a consensus on almost anything. This is reflected in their gatherings, which are called 'rants'. At these events, anyone may speak as long as they can keep the crowd's attention.
That defination i just gave is the true meaning of brujah cause brujah is a clan of mean vampires like myself and not what the other idiot has said...
by Faye Slayer September 07, 2003
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