A male who, like it or not, is indefinitely your brother and may haze the crap out of you, or love you to death. This male may be a real blood-relative, or may be a friend so close to you that you act like siblings. There are many variations of brothers, but "bruddah" is the best kind, because successfully or not, they try to fix all your problems and buy the world for you even when they're living in a cardboard box. Like every brother, "bruddahs" have their problems with you, but no matter how bad the problem is, they still stick together.
On Celebrate-A-Brother day, I honored my bruddah Alex Hud.
by So Bad April 30, 2011
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Is a higher classification of a brother who is inducted into the Ugandan Knuckles or Warriors Army, also Ugandan Knuckles is a common animal species known for living only in Uganda and following a simple leader which they call their queen and she often knows De Wae.
by Memester4 January 14, 2018
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Hawaiian pigan slag for Brother.
You call my Bruddah?
You mess wit my Bruddah?
by Bobby Roc November 9, 2003
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The Top TOP class legend and lad.

Nickname is Brud and stay's nutty and large forever, man doesn't care bout that.
"Ah hey Bruddah, staying large?"
by rolopop April 17, 2016
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An Australian aboriginal or Abo term of bonding or attention seeking. For personal gain eg) money, alcohol, cigarettes.
Hey bruddah got any golds? ($1 au+)

I used to hang in the park with me bruddah, sniffing petrol, till he died
by thinktwice April 12, 2015
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All of his bruddahs
Hello, my bruddahs!
by sqreemwithme January 12, 2018
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